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DIY 200 watt Starter Package

Phase 1


2 x 100 watt solar panels

Mounting brackets (2 sets)

40  amp MPPT Controller

wire, cable and fuses

This Starter package will charge your factory batteries for all your 12 volt appliances including lights, water pump,furnace and control boards

Expandable to 560 watts in Phase 2

DIY 360 watt Expansion Package

Phase 2

2 x 180 watt panels 

Mounting Brackets (2 sets)

Panel wire

After completing this expansion, you will be ready for a battery upgrade and the addition of an inverter to power your 120v appliances

DIY Solar Installation Consult

Below you will find several levels of consultation provided to the DIY solar installer. Each package offers an increasing level of consultation service and assistance.

Choose the level that is right for your DIY Expertise.

Consultation Packages

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.



Best for True DIY install

Step by step guide

Energy Audit Form included

Wiring Diagram

Two 15 Minute Phone  Consults


with review


Best Value for DIY'ers

Step by step guide

Energy Audit with Review 

Wiring Diagram

Procurement and Purchase Recommendations

Four 15 minute Phone Consults


with  design help


Best for handy but not electrical

Step by step guide

Energy Audit with Review and sizing 

Wiring Diagram

Procurement and Purchase Order generated

Unlimited Phone Consultation

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