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Pre-Purchase Inspection

A comprehensive inspection purchased by the prospective buyer for the purpose of increasing  buyer knowledge of the true condition of the RV at time of purchase. This places the buyer in a stronger negotiating position and or provides a punch list of repairs to be performed prior to taking delivery.

Click here for an overview of items inspected.

Seller's Inspection

The same type extensive report detailing the condition of the unit at time of sale. This summary allows the seller to address those items that may need repair prior to sale. The inspection can be shared with prospective buyers to instill confidence in the quality of the RV.

Schedule at     RV Medic and Solar       (970) 361-7321

Pop-ups,Scamps, A-Frames

These smaller campers still have most of the systems of larger units. Water pump, Water heater, 12 and 120 volt electric systems, propane furnace, etc.

We inspect these units for $200.00

Travel Trailers less than 24 feet

Moderate size travel trailers (less than 24 feet) have some of the more advanced systems such as electric awnings and jacks as well as toilets and sewer tanks. These inspections are $400.00

Trailers &, Motorhomes greater than 24 feet

Our most involved inspections cover all the major systems of the larger Recreational Vehicles. These inspections range from $600 to $800.

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