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Where to Begin

Solar: The Dream

If you are anything like me, you probably had an allusion of adding a couple of solar panels to the roof and running off into the wilderness to enjoy your new free camping and off grid living with all your electric appliances in perfect harmony with the environment.

I wanted to have all my 120 volt outlets available to watch TV with satellite, make my morning coffee, charge my laptop, I-pad, I-phones, radios, have lights at night, air conditioning during the day and microwave to cook my food; just like in the RV park but without the expense.

Solar: The Reality

While all of the above are possible, given enough money, roof space, battery storage area, weight carrying capacity, and, oh yeah, adequate sunlight. For most of us, one or more of these factors are not within our reach.

So what are reasonable expectations for solar on your RV? That depends on your camping style. Each family has different priorities and no pre-designed solar kit is right for your needs. Your system needs to be designed for your specific needs, expectations, and budget.

Let’s get started.

Educate yourself

We can’t design your system if we don’t know the verbage or understand the principals. Please take a few minutes and enjoy the following links:

RV Solar Resources

Beginners guide to Solar Installation

Energy Audit

Boondocking with Solar education page

our Youtube channel


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